Our mission:
To Make The World Happier!
By Sharing Happy Content!

Why Sharing Happy Content?

There is too much sufferings in the world.
Too much pain.
Too much sadness.

So, we've decided we’re making the world a better place. :)
We’re helping millions of people to be happier.
Be part of The Happiness Sharing Community!


Make Yourself Happier

To share happiness, you need to be happy. Come back daily on www.HappyHey.com.

Share Happy Content From HappyHey.com

Scroll down on HappyHey and share things you like.
Each share gives you points.

More happy points you get, higher in the global rankings you will be.

Share Happy Content You Find Online via HappyHey

Add happy things you find online and share them via HappyHey. This way you'll get the points to help you grow in the Global ranking.


Making people around you happy is a JOY!

  • Step 1


    Click on the upper right LOGIN button. Authentificate with facebook!

  • Step 2

    Share Happy Content

    Find something you like on HappyHey? Share it. Your friends will love you!

  • Step 3

    Win Happy Points

    Go to RANKINGS tab, to see the list of volonteers to make the world a happier place. More people you reach with your happy content, more happy points to get.

  • Step 4. Repeat

    Make people around you happy daily

    Each day is a new challenge. More people you touch, more happier the world will be, more points you'll win.

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